Welcome to Skyward Steel!

While endless resources exist and many free services can be found online to utilize, Skyward Steel has negotiated with a selection of providers to offer you the best of the best paid services to help your business to thrive. The following guide is a resource for the technology package offered by Skyward Steel, including tips and tricks to help you maximize each service. Please review your welcome email(s) for your login information.

Your suggestions are valuable to us and are an integral part of the process in helping us adhere to our core values, aspiring to extraordinary and ascending; please contact us with any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding any existing or potential resources by emailing info@skywardsteelnyc.com.

Josiah Hyatt, Founder and Principal Broker
Ethan DeHoniesto, Chief Executive Officer
Heather Kite, Chief Financial Officer
Michael Himes, Director of Career Development
Moriah Sulc, Manhattan Operations Manager
Sakina Pecchillo, Brooklyn Operations Manager
Erika Reyes, Listings Manager

Welcome, Get That Money!

The two main resources to help you facilitate your business are Skyward Hub and Google Drive.

Skyward Hub

This is the primary launch point for your real estate business at Skyward Steel. The agent dashboard has links to your full tech package, financial information, marketing, and much more.

Welcome, Get That Money!
The links on SkywardHub direct you to the following:

Client Services:

Search Rentals: Redirects to Nestio, our preferred rental search platform

Search Sales: Redirects to OLR, our preferred sales search platform

Run Comps: Redirects to CompIt, our preferred comp search platform

Run Credit: Redirects to Preapproved Renter

Applications: Redirects you to the Google Drive folder with all frequently used application information

Listing Services:

Apartment Access: Redirects you to Sheets in the Google Drive folder with all information for access keys

Apartment Photos: Redirects you to Wide Angle Photos in the Google Drive folder with all available photos for properties

Apartment Videos: Redirects you to Sheets in the Google Drive folder with all available videos for properties

Marketing: Redirects you to all Marketing and Branding in the Google Drive folder

Dept. of State: Redirects you to the NYS DOS for your license information (update contact information, check expiration, etc.)

Training/Support: Redirects you to the Google Drive folder with frequently used apps, important info, memos, forms, trainings, etc.

Agent Services:

New Agent Info: Redirects you to the Google Drive folder with training manuals and important information for new agents

Google Drive: Redirects you to the Google Drive Main Page with all of your resources

Vendor List: Redirects you to the Sheets in the Google Drive folder with all of our vendor recommendations

Important Financial Documents: Redirects you to the Google Drive folder with Invoices, commission authorizations,wire transfer instructions, w9 and deposit receipts.

Your Financials: Redirects you to BrokerSumo which allows you to retrieve your commission reports and agent billing invoices

Get Paid: Redirects you to SkySlope which allows you to compile transaction documents


Calendar: Connects you to the company-wide calendar with scheduled trainings,team meetings and holidays

Welcome Manual: Redirects you to the Welcome Manual, which all new Skyward Steel agents should read in their first days

How To Tech: Redirects you to the Technology Guide, which tells you everything you need to know about your tech package

Google Drive

While the agent dashboard is the map to your resources available through Skyward Steel, our Google Drive is the engine and your primary tool for success. You should read and reread all of its contents and memorize all the documents and tool locations. It contains all of your agreements, training, marketing, and much more. The table of contents below and the link sent in your welcome email serve to get your business started on the best path. Search the table of contents for keywords by typing CTRL+F (⌘+F on MAC) and typing a keyword to find the folder locations of any documents you might need.

Master The Market - Advertise


Nestio is our RLS feed and primary search platform for rentals. The website can be found by going to skywardhub.com and clicking “Search Rentals”. You will use Nestio to enter exclusive listings, search for availabilities, and research pricing. There is also a client calendar tool and CRM. Compit, Urban Digs, and OLR are for comps and research purposes only. As REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York) members, our company website obtains all information from Nestio. There are two types of listings you would enter in Nestio. Remember that the only way you can have ANY listing reflected on your agent profile on the Skyward Steel website is by entering it in Nestio.

Completing A Search Using Nestio::

  1. Click on Search Tab
  2. Select Location/Neighborhood of Client’s Interest
  3. Select Size/Layout of Apartment and Number of Bathrooms, if applicable.
  4. Select Price Range
  5. If necessary, add filters to customize and narrow your search


  1. Add unit.If the building has never been entered into Nestio, first click on ‘add building’, then add unit.
  2. Enter building address. If building has already been entered in Nestio, it should auto-populate. Enter the unit number you’d like to advertise.
  3. Select if it is a rental or a sale, and if it is an open or exclusive
  4. Enter basic info such as unit #, number of bedrooms/size, number of bathrooms, total number of rooms in the apartment, floor level, square footage (if you don’t know put 0). If you have a signed exclusive, you must put the exclusive’s expiration date, and upload the fully executed exclusive agreement
  5. lease info. Make sure price is entered accurately, date available (i.e. Oct. 1st move in) and lease term (usually 12 months). Click the appropriate radio button to indicate furnished or unfurnished.
  6. Unit features: pet policy, current condition of the apartment, views (unobstructed, partially obstructed, obstructed), view exposures, any special features you’d like to highlight, and your ad description

Ad example for 2 bed:

No fee- enormous 2 bedroom apartment for rent on 135th Street! This newly renovated unit features a spacious living area and open kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Each bedroom easily fits a queen-sized bed. Tons of closets throughout. Oversized windows providing breathtaking Hudson River views. This high rise building comes with two large laundry facilities, a 24-hour doorman and security. Heat/ water/ cooking gas all included! Easy access to the 1 train and more! Come get the full tour today! Call/ text/email John Doe, to set up a viewing!


INCLUDE major subway train stations, landmarks, popular street/ave intersections, universities, shops, restaurants, etc. AVOID all caps, asterisks, symbols, and excessive exclamation points.

For NESTIO training and support videos/articles please visit: https://nestiohelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Every week, Nestio holds a webinar on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. that is approximately 40 minutes long.

Register here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/rt163171207780248833

When you log on, Nestio also has a helpful chat screen where you may ask questions for assistance.

Check out our tutorial on You Tube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV72c9gvIuYlist=PLNldifn0Exl2L8hFXAJe K1fPTrNXAYN34

Listing Fees and Special Note about Dealing with Management Companies

There are certain accounts that have listing agents with listing fees. Please be conscious and respectful when you are searching in Nestio to be sure to go through the proper channels. Violating these procedures can not only hurt our relationship with landlord accounts, they could also potentially ban you from working with that company again. If you are ever unsure of something, ask a manager before proceeding.

There is also a link in the google drive with applications, access, and application information for individual companies.


You MUST use Nestio to enter all residential sales and rental listings that will syndicate to the RLS feed and all appropriate third party vendors such as Streeteasy, Trulia, Listhub, etc. According to the REBNY Universal Co-Brokerage agreement Article 1 Section 5 (with only one exception), you must listing have this listing live to the RLS feed via Nestio within 48 hours of execution of the exclusive listing pertaining to the exclusive property. When you have entered the listing after the fully executed document is complete, you would need to get manager approval. Send the listing id and full address of the listing for approval to info@skywardsteelnyc.com As long as you are within business hours, this will be done either the same day or the next business day.


For any listings you would like to populate your agent website page on the Skyward Steel Website, you must also use Nestio, as it supports the website. It is your decision if you would like to post open listings. For new agents, posting open rental listings can be beneficial to show more listing activity on your agent webpage on the Skyward Steel website. Posting open listings typically only apply to rental listings with very few exceptions on sales. In Nestio, you are able to syndicate to paid advertising platforms such as naked apartments and RentHop (for slots only, not credits).


This is Skyward Steel’s primary Sales Database. You can access it on skywardhub.com by clicking “Search Sales”. You will use this site to search for availabilities, and research neighborhood pricing. You can also search for landlord contact information on this site.

OLR has both in person training as well as webinars for you attend to help you understand their platform. Their facility is located in downtown Manhattan at 75 Broad Street.

Take advantage of one of their six programs offered by clicking on the link:


Check out our tutorial on You Tube

this link leads to a KWNYC Coaching channel


CompIt is our preferred comps website, accessible on skywardhub.com via the “Run Comps” link. It allows agents, buyers, and sellers to search for availabilities and research neighborhood pricing, as well as create reports to track real estate trends for Brooklyn and Manhattan. You can generate reports for sales and/or rentals for residential single-family or multi-family/townhouse properties, neighborhood reports, quarterly/annual reports, appreciation (see how the value has changed over a period of time) reports, and searches for active listings for renters and/or buyers.

Enter an address to generate a full report on a property. For customized comparable reports, choose the advanced search option and filter the report as you wish.


UrbanDigs is a Manhattan and Brooklyn residential analytics platform that offers real time market data to allow agents to find comps, past sales, and market analytics up to five years old. It gives snapshot data and charts of market statistics such as current listings, pending sales, average days on market, price per square foot, median sales price, etc.



Thoughtfully gifting your clients can help you to build longer-term relationships and goodwill. Though you shouldn’t necessarily expect something in return from gifting your clients, goodwill can help you build your business.

SkywardMart is the company e-store where you can purchase closing gifts, as well as branded marketing and training materials. To purchase items, visit skywardmart.com and select the items you would like. Enter your information. Products (are delivered/can be picked up)....

Close the Deal - Deposits

Website Deposits

SkywardMart is the company e-store where you can purchase closing gifts, as well as branded marketing and training materials. To purchase items, visit skywardmart.com and select the items you would like. Enter your information. Products (are delivered/can be picked up)....

Please note

There is a $20 processing fee per every $500 received via PayPal deposits; when the deal closes, rather than refund the deposit, convert it to your commission balance to avoid paying additional processing fees.

VenMo Deposits

Skyward Steel is also setup to accept deposits on VenMo. Please have VenMo deposits pre-approved by emailing accounting@skywardsteelnyc.com. VenMo allows clients to send payments only through the mobile app. The client must download the app and send the deposit payment to Skyward Steel. Please make sure to get the following information from the person sending the payment and email to accounting@skywardsteelnyc.com:

  • Sender's Name
  • Sender's Email
  • Amount Sent
  • Date Sent
  • Property Deposits Is For

Please note

There is a $10 processing fee per transaction received via VenMo deposits; when the deal closes, rather than refund the deposit, it should be converted to your commission balance to avoid additional processing fees.

Chase QuickPay Deposits

Skyward Steel is also setup to accept deposits via Chase QuickPay.

To send a payment to someone, click “Send Money” and follow the instructions.

Please make sure to get the following information from the person sending the payment and email to accounting@skywardsteelnyc.com :

  • Sender's Name
  • Sender's Email
  • Amount Sent
  • Date Sent
  • Property Deposits Is For

Please note the following

  • Chase has transaction amount limits as to how much can be sent
  • There is a $10 processing fee per transaction received via Chase QuickPay deposits
  • Chase advises the following timeline for receipt of funds:

Credit/Debit Card Deposits

Skyward Steel is also setup to accept credit/debit card deposits and commissions.

Please note the following

  • There is a 4% processing fee for all credit and debit cards
  • An authorization form must be filled out by the client (found in drive link above)
  • The funds must be received by the credit card processing company before any checks related to the funds can be disbursed. Please keep in mind this may take 24-48 hours or more

Please make sure to completely fill out the credit card authorization form and email to accounting@skywardsteelnyc.com.

Close the Deal - Application and Credit Check Fees

Client Registration www.skywardsteelre.com

Skywardsteelre.com is a quick, easy way for you to gain your client’s information and get a fee agreement and disclosure signed immediately.

Direct each client to skywardsteelre.com to enter their information - be sure to inform the client to select you as their agent in the drop-down box across the top of the first page.

Doing so allows the brokerage to direct the forms filled out to the agent more efficiently.

Once the client has notified you that they have completed the forms, email info@skywardsteelnyc.com to obtain copies of the completed documents . Later, you can use the completed documents to help you compile a client application. Don’t forget to put the information collected into your database!

Credit Checks www.preapprovedrenter.com

Preapprovedrenter.com is a service utilized and offered by Skyward Steel which gives you the opportunity to send a link to your applicants to compile paperwork prior to showing them a unit. The applicant applies online to authorize a background check - credit reports, landlord tenant history, verification of employment, etc. Please contact accounting@skywardsteelnyc.com for any questions or concerns regarding PreApproved Renter Transactions.

Approval Compliance & Reporting


Transaction Management and Compliance

Skyslope is your transaction management website. Upload the necessary documents to SkySlope to ensure efficient processing of your commission. For those with an iPhone, SkySlope offers a mobile app which can help you manage your transactions and reach out to clients.

Completing Your Documentation in SkySlope

  1. First Create A Transaction or a Listing. Enter the address and click the best match. Choose an address from the populated results and the page will direct you to the transaction/listing tab.



  2. After entering the transaction/listing details, a Contacts Tab will populate. Enter in all of the contacts information - SkySlope will maintain a directory for you which you can also use in the future! Any contact information listed in red is required. Use the Search Contacts field to fill in names of people who have already been added into your SkySlope files.

  3. After entering the contact details, a Commission Tab will populate. Enter in all of the required information and click submit.

  4. After entering the commission details, a Checklist Tab will populate. Upload in all of the required documentation appropriate to the transaction type (listed below) and click submit. If you wish to store documents for the file that are for your records, but not needed for commissions to be paid out per the below chart, save them in the Documents tab.

  5. If needed, convert your listing into a transaction to activate the file for compliance: Manage Listings > Checklist > Click Accepted Contract > Complete Required Information (red asterisk) > Complete Contacts and Commissions Information

SkySlope Tips and Tricks

Get webinars and tutorials for SkySlope here: https://support.skyslope.com/hc/en-us/categories/201506227-Using-SkySlope

Check out the “Getting Started for Agents” Page: https://support.skyslope.com/hc/en-us/articles/218288017-Getting-Started-for-Agents

Brush Up Your Skills with Weekly Webinars Called “Master SkySlope in 15 minutes”: https://support.skyslope.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003889592-Master-SkySlope-in-15-Minutes

Register for Free 40-minute Training Webinars: https://support.skyslope.com/hc/en-us/articles/227044427-SkySlope-Free-Daily-Webinars

Register for Free 40-minute Training Webinars: https://support.skyslope.com/hc/en-us/sections/202410997-SkySlope-Mobile


Broker Sumo is your onboarding and financial reporting website. Please input your complete contact information (name, email, address, phone number, date of birth) when onboarding and keep it up-to-date. Because BrokerSumo is also the platform for agent billing, please also keep your credit card information in BrokerSumo up-to-date. BrokerSumo billing and commissions information is updated when processed by the brokerage.


Webinar Training Calendars

Most of your technology sites offer regular webinars through their websites, however the following are scheduled on specific days of the month:


10:00 am EST Nestio: https://register.gotowebinar.com/rt163171207780248833


1:00 pm EST SkySlope 15-Minute Mastery: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_a5GLKcx-RA6f0_2Zxh4W3A

Highly Suggested Apps to Download

Reminder on Policies

Advertising Policy

Skyward Steel cares about our reputation. Real apartments, real photos, and accurate ads are the bedrock of trust we provide to clients. We have a strict no tolerance policy on inaccurate ads. If any of your ads misrepresent the price, layout, size, or condition, it is grounds for immediate termination.

Photo Policy

Our strict no tolerance policy also extends to the pictures agents used in their ads. You are to use REAL PICTURES ONLY. . Using fake, stolen, or borrowed photos are grounds for immediate termination. The company has provided for your use over 15,000 apartment photos you can use in advertisements, however you should be previewing and taking your own photos. The photos are in the WA Pics folder in the google drive. Addresses with the tag “WA” prior to the address designate wide angle photos.

Multiple firms have been sued for copyright infringement due to using another firm’s photos. These fines range between $15,000 - $40,000 per photograph! If you decide to ignore this and subsequently charged, you will be solely responsible for all costs incurred.

Camera Policy

Skyward Steel has two 10mm wide angle cameras for check out and two Nikon 360 cameras for virtual tours. Cameras have a strict two hour checkout limit. Please email info@skywardsteelnyc.com to reserve a camera. Exclusive and StreetEasy listings are prioritized.


Your printer code will give you access to the printer/copier/scanner at 280 West 115th Street. Scans are complementary, printing and copying cost $.1/.3 per black and white/color copies respectively.

Fee Agreements & Disclosure Forms

For rental agents, these two forms must be given for your clients to sign before you show them anything. For sales agents you should be making sure you go over the disclosure and who the client works for.The fee agreement protects you, should your client try to go behind your back. The Q & A’s and article listed below will help you answer clients usually ask before signing both of these documents.


Q : This document contains a lot of fine print. Can you summarize what it actually states?

A. Our client registration or fee agreement is meant to help both the agent and client keep a complete and accurate record of all apartments viewed together. In the event of any dispute, it serves as a great tool to prove for either side what apartments were shown. It also goes over the terms of our broker fees. If I show you an apartment and you rent that apartment or an apartment in that building complex, you are responsible to pay a broker fee to Skyward Steel for services rendered.

Q : My friend just rented an apartment through Skyward Steel, Citi Habitats, Bohemia, etc… and didn't need to fill one of these out. Why do I have to?

A. It is our company's policy that all agents have a signed fee agreement before taking a client out. This serves as protection for both the client and the agent in the event of a dispute about what was viewed. It also helps keep a record of what was shown. I will give you a copy at the end of our appointment.

Q : As per our phone conversation, I am only interested in no fee apartments… so why do I have to sign a fee agreement?

A. It is also called a client registration form. We can write "no fee" next to all of the buildings that are shown where the owner is paying a commission to the broker.

Q : I don't mind paying a fee for the right apartment, but 15% of annual rent seems excessive.

A. 15% of the annual rent is, and has been, the traditional broker's fee charged in New York City for many years. It is the most we would ever charge for our services, as this shows. There are some listings where we might be able to charge a lower commission and we can write "negotiable fee" next to those listings.

Q : I don't want to sign anything. Why can't we just go see the apartment that was advertised?

A. Let me ask you a question. What exactly do you object to in the fee agreement? I would be happy to change parts of it to makes you more comfortable. It is important for both of us to have a record in case there is any dispute about what we viewed together. Right now, it is only important that you put your name, address and signature on here, the rest I can fill out along the way.

Q : What will happen if I use another broker to rent an apartment that isn't included on this list?

A. Absolutely nothing. The fee agreement only pertains to the buildings we viewed together. Although I hope I don't give you any cause to find another broker!

Q : What happens if I decide to rent an apartment in this building two months from now?

A. The document protects my firm and I in that instance so there would be commission owed to us. However, it also protects you as no other broker would have claim to that commission.

Disclosure forms between Landlord/ Tenant, Buyer/Seller

Disclosure forms must be signed by the client. It is NOT a contract but a form stating that the broker has informed the client(s) that the broker represents them in any transaction involving open listings. However, should the broker show the client(s) an exclusive of his or hers, the client(s) must be informed that the broker represents the owner should the client(s) wish to apply. If the exclusive is by any broker within Skyward Steel then the client(s) must be told that dual agency is involved in this transaction

The Application Process, Step-by-Step

Note :

for your first few deals, you should let your management staff know as soon as your client has decided to put in an application. He/she will help make things go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Look at the list date and make sure that the apartment is still available. In order to do this, you might have to call the listing agent whose name appears on the top of the listing. If it is the weekend, and the management company is closed, there is no way to find out until the next business day.

  2. Locate the management company/landlord requirements listed on the application or on their website.

  3. If your client is a married couple or share, you need to find out if the landlord requires all parties who will be living in the apartment to go through the application process. About shares: some landlords allow for combined incomes on shares, meaning two people can combine their incomes to qualify, i.e., if the apartment is $2000 the need to make about $85K combined to qualify. Other landlords require that each member’s salary is enough for him/her to qualify on his/her own.

  1. If there’s a guarantor, the guarantor will need an application and provide all of the documentation as your client to show the landlord that he/she can afford the apartment too. Guarantors typically need to make 80-90 times the rent because they are carrying a mortgage or rent of their own. They will need to sign a lease and/or a rider. Make sure you tell your clients all of this.

  2. Look on the listing and see if it says what type of application to use (management companies and landlords use different applications.) If the listing doesn’t indicate which application to use, contact one of the managers to find out. NOTE: always have a Skyward Steel application link (skywardsteelnyc.com) ready to send because many buildings let us use our application.

  3. Let the client know how much they’ll need to pay for the application fee. If they use a Skyward Steel application, the fee is always $100.00. Credit is run through skywardsteelnyc.com with a Debit or Credit Card. Remember time is of the essence.

  1. Tell your client about the refundable/non-refundable application fee and deposit protocol. Once your client’s credit is run the application fee is non-refundable. If in the event you find out the apartment is no longer available prior to running credit, and client no longer wishes to continue searching for apartments with you, they are entitled to get their money refunded back to them. Getting a deposit will bind your clients to the deal. It also shows management/landlord that they are serious about getting the apartment. Standard amounts for deposits range from $500- 1 month. If deal is approved, the deposit can be put towards the broker commission, rent or security. On the other hand if the deal gets approved by management/landlord and your client changes their mind about taking the apartment, they are forfeiting their deposit over to the landlord. If your client willfully failed to produce required documents, your deposit will be retained and not refunded. The only time a deposit is refundable is if the application gets rejected by landlord, if no agreement was ever reached between client and landlord, or if the apartment gets rented before application is submitted. When that happens and client wishes to continue search or already has second choice in mind, the deposit can be held or flipped to other property. All funds received must be handed to anyone from your management staff. They will provide you with a receipt and it will be held in the office safe. Checks are always made payable to “Skyward Steel, LLC”

  2. Look on the listing to see what required documents are needed to process the application and get them from your client. In some cases, it is okay to submit the application without all of the paperwork for the purpose of letting the management company know that your client is interested, however, you must stress to your client that he/she get the remaining paperwork ASAP, within an hour; 24 hours max.

  3. See who runs the credit check. Many landlords allow us to run the credit, in which case you would run credit with skywardsteelnyc.com.

  4. Carefully review the client’s paperwork; don’t assume that everything is legible, correct, or something that has a reasonable chance of getting him/her the apartment, e.g., a bank statement with a $0 balance. Make sure you can read the numbers, addresses, etc. Make sure that the employment letter states salary, start date, position, and is on some form of company letterhead. If they are self employed, they will need a CPA letter verifying income but a personal letter from them may also work. Make sure that everything on the application is completely filled out. Missing information can jeopardize a client’s chance of getting approved.

  5. Write a cover letter. It is important to write a cover letter (template in your usb drive) so that the management can get a quick view of your clients. Make sure you have the price that your client wants to pay along with the start date desired.

  6. Submit the completed application via scan-email.
    Emailing saves time and for the most part is the best way to submit everything. Ask for the receiving party to give you confirmation that they received it. Some emails do not accept files over 10 mb.

Required Documents

This list isn’t exhaustive; check with the listing agent/landlord to see what else may be required for a particular apartment.

  • A letter of employment and salary verification
  • Bank Statements (checking and savings), as well as any credit card numbers
  • Tax returns from the last two years (only first two pages)
  • Recent (current) pay stubs, typically from the last two pay periods
  • A Copy of ID (driver’s license, passport, etc)
  • Current landlord reference letter or contact information (names, addresses, phone numbers) of previous landlords
  • Contact information of your personal accountant or attorney- if applicable
  • Contact information of any personal or professional references- if applicable

Once you have all the necessary documents, added the application, credit report and have revised financials with you Manager you are ready to send it!

***Rental Guide and standard paperwork list can be texted by Moriah so you can prepare your clients***


Understanding the 15% Fee

Here’s a list of reasons why you’re worth your 15% fee and should never negotiate for less.

  1. You have access to the most extensive, up-to-the-minute listings database and backing from the best rental team in the city.
  2. You are saving your client time—something that’s too precious to measure in dollar amounts in NYC—by finding them exactly what they’re looking for in the least amount of time.
  3. You are educating your client on the market enabling him/her to make a sound, informed decision
  4. You prepare your client for the renting process and walk him/her through the process.
  5. You negotiate with landlords/management companies to make sure that your client’s desired price and move-in date can be met. Our longstanding relationships throughout the city enable you to do this.
  6. You coordinate and arrange lease signings and contract signings, acting as a liaison to all parties to ensure that the deal gets done as quickly as possible.
  7. You help with moving and settling-in services to ensure a hassle-free move.

Required Paperwork to Get Paid

  • Follow the “Deal Submission PDF in the Google Drive”
  • Exclusive Right to Rent (If applicable)
  • Copy of Signed Leases
  • Disclosure Form
  • Fee Agreement
  • Check from client
If there is an OP (Owner pays):
  • OP Invoice Request (found in Google Drive)
  • Follow the “Deal Submission PDF in the Google Drive”
  • Exclusive Right to Sale (If applicable)
  • Disclosure Form
  • Lawyer’s Deal Sheet
  • Signed Contract
  • Commission Request Invoice
  • Check from Closing
Listing Fees

A listing fee will only be paid for new listings that are (1) exclusives of non-REBNY firms, (2) open listings.

  1. Listing fees are an internal company policy and not to be shared with any owner/management company. All disputes shall be handled internally and an owner/management company should never be involved. Listing fees are effective only during your association with Skyward Steel.
  1. Calculation of Listing Fees
    1. Listing fees, when applicable, will be calculated based upon the gross commission of Skyward Steel’s side of the transaction at the following rates:
      1. 10% for open listings
      2. 5% for non-REBNY firms’ exclusives
    2. An agent can be considered and/or appointed as a listing agent and/or account manager for open listings under the following scenarios:
      1. An agent obtains listings in a building that Skyward Steel does not have a prior relationship with, or one that Skyward Steel would not ordinarily receive through a feed, or the direct marketing efforts of the landlord/management company to the general brokerage community.
      2. An agent is eligible for listing credit on a lease break/lease assignment or sublet in a building already represented by another Skyward Steel agent. If the listing is not marketed directly through management and if the agent has confirmed all terms and been given permission by the landlord/management company to represent the listing.
    3. An agent receiving a 10% listing fee for an open listing or open listing account is expected to update on a weekly basis, be the main point of contact at Skyward Steel, maintain accurate deal requirements, and negotiate/process deals on behalf of Skyward Steel agents.
    4. An agent receiving a 10% listing fee for an open listing or open listing account has not updated in at least two (2) weeks, management reserves the right to remove the agent from the listing or listing account.
    5. If an agent cannot service their listing account because of time restraints or business obligations, then they may delegate the duties of that account to the house or listings department. They will retain their listing fee rights but agree to split the listing fee 50/50 with the listings department. At any time that agent can reclaim their duties for their listing account.
    6. When an agent with listing or listing account is no longer associated with Skyward Steel, listing fees of the pending deals will be paid to the Office of disassociated agent. Agents are not permitted to contact management or landlords of listings or listing accounts of disassociated agents. Management reserves the right to convert a listing account to a House Account or reassign to another agent.
  2. Conversion of Listings
    1. If an agent with listing credit on an open listing converts that listing to an exclusive, such exclusive will not be subject to a listing fee, even if such exclusive subsequently expires.
    2. If an agent converts an open listing for which another agent has listing credit to an exclusive listing, there will be no resulting listing fee. Upon expiration of the exclusive, full listing credit reverts back to the original listing agent.
  3. Listing credits will be confirmed and awarded by the house account, which is maintained by the Listings Department. If, at some point after listing credit has been granted, Skyward Steel receives the listing directly from the landlord or management company, the previously-granted listing credit shall immediately expire.
  4. Listings of REBNY firms cannot give rise to listing credit or listing fees.
  5. Listing credit does not apply if an agent has direct access to the landlord or management or has another means of submitting applications.
  6. Listing credit will be split 50/50 if two agents both have relationships with the same management company. The agents will agree upon how the account will be managed and how applications will be submitted.
  7. Listing credits will no longer be allotted once three or more agents have direct relationships with the same landlord or management company. The account will be transitioned into a house account and managed by the listings department.
  8. Open or Exclusive Listings Converted to Another Agency’s Listing
    1. In the event that an open or exclusive listing becomes the exclusive of a non- REBNY member and Skyward Steel does not directly receive the listing, the agent who learned of this is entitled to a 5% listing fee.
    2. In the event that another agency’s exclusive becomes an open listing, the agent who submits this information with accurate owner information is entitled to a 10% listing fee.
  9. Converting a Non OP Listing to an OP Listing
    1. In the event an agent procures an OP on a listing where no one is receiving listing credit, a listing fee of 10% will be awarded for the duration of the OP on that specific apartment.
    2. In the event an agent is receiving a 10% listing fee and another agent procures an OP on their listing, the listing fee shall be split between the two agents for the duration of the OP on that specific apartment.